Social and Economic Justice Advisory Committee

The mission of the Montpelier Social and Economic Justice Advisory Committee is to promote diverse socio-economic, racial, cultural, and gender inclusivity and awareness among the city’s residents, businesses, and in municipal affairs. This group will help make Montpelier a city that cultivates and embraces diversity. The committee will also assist the City in addressing the goals laid out in the Master Plan and its yearly goals, as they pertain to social and economic equity and justice.

The Montpelier City Council is seeking 7 individuals interested in forming the Social and Economic Justice Advisory Committee.  

If you are interested in a seat on the commission, please click on this link to access the online application. To request a hard copy of the application, contact the City Manager’s Office at 223-9502. All applications must be submitted by August 13, 2018. The City Council will make appointments to the committee at their Wednesday, August 22nd City Council Meeting; applicants are encouraged to attend.