The North Branch River Park is 193 acres. Montpelier Conservation Commission raised the funds for the 1st 2 parcels which were purchased in 1997 and 1995. The 3rd and most recent addition of about 14 acres was a "bargain" sale from Stephan and Lynn Syz around 2002. This last addition connected the park to Gould Hill road. Recently the local VAST group has made a new trail through this section that connects to the East Montpelier trail system. The North Branch River Park has approximately 4 miles of hiking and skiing trails. The main trail in the Park connects with East Montpelier trails, passing through a rich variety of habitat and terrain. A variety of organizations and volunteers have made major contributions of money and effort to make this Park possible.

Invasive Plant Problem
The riparian zone at the North Branch River Park has been taken over by an array of invasive plant species. These species are: Japanese Knotweed, Goutweed, Tartarian Honeysuckle, Japanese Barberry and Buckthorn. Efforts are being placed into invasive plant management and control so the natural history of Vermont remains protected.