Trail Conditions

Mud Season- Grooming discontinued!!!

Grooming patterns, in case you're looking for freshly groomed trails! We most often groom in the morning off-peak hours (between 9 and 11am), then sometimes again if the conditions require it in the afternoon off-peak period (between 1 and 3pm). We sometimes also groom at night or in the early morning once we get some nice snow over a good base. We try to update this page and our facebook page directly after grooming. The North Branch Nature Park is groomed less frequently and is often left for a day after it snows as we have had people request having a place to ski with fresh powder.

Trail Ettiquette: Our trails are shared by skiiers, walkers, dogs, fat bikes (where allowed), sledders, snowshoers and more. We ask that walkers stick to the harder packed snow at the center of the trail and leave the crumbly edges to the skiiers. If we have enough powder we lay cross country ski tracks (parallel grooves in the snow) along the edge of the trails, and we ask that walkers and snowshoers be especially careful not to walk in the tracks! Of course, safety comes first so please be aware of ice and wear ice spikes when conditions are appropriate. 


03/09 No more grooming..... icy and muddy trails. But roads are closed to cars and very pleasant for walking!!!

03/03: Yesterday's snow stuck nicely to our solid layer of ice below, and it appears that we have pleasant walking conditions for the first time in almost a month. Come now because it may be that mud season is arriving next week!

02/23: Trails are VERY ICY!!!!

We have not groomed for a week since there is not enough snow to pull from the woods to add to the trails. The groomer can not modify ice so if you use the trails please use footwear with appropriate grippers and/or spikes. Pillow, elbow pads luge sleds and helmets may also help. 

Side note: Pond is good for skating and broom ball!!!!

02/12: The soft snow from yesterday has  bound to the base below, so our trails groomed up nicely this morning. We have good walking conditions on the main trails and some of the side trails, and we even have some decent skiing from the new shelter up to the tower. 

02/11: We have a thin layer of snow now, but it's still very icy in the park. We've done some "snow farming" to build up some of the very icy patches with the little extra snow that we have, but please use traction footwear if you are going to walk in the park. 

02/09: We still don't have enough snow for grooming, and despite the beautiful layer of snow on the trails there is still very slick ice underneath! Please continue to use traction footwear if you are going to walk in Hubbard. 

02/02 No grooming done for days!! Ice spikes, cramp ons, or other traction recommended!!!!

Trails are too packed and icy for grooming to have positive effects! Also there is not enough snow in the woods to take and put on trails to cover ice. PLEASE USE CAUTION and proper traction footwear. Path to seven fireplaces is particularly icy!!! Middle of the trails is usually icier, the sides are often better. One of the better sections is the path from the Hubbard Park Drive gate to the tower.

01/20 3:45pm: All the skiable trails are groomed in Hubbard. There is some really great skiing and I even saw a skier taking some turns on the fresh powder on the sledding hill! All the groomed trails are pretty soft right now and there is some great ankle deep powder to cut through along the sides of the trails. All that and the park is looking gorgeous! Have fun out there.

01/20 8:00: We've been grooming a lot over the weekend and yesterday and the trails are finally really nice for skiing. Right now there is a beautiful layer of dry powder on top of our groomed trails! We'll leave the powder on the side trails for those who love to cut through some ankle high frosting. 

1/14: The trails have set up nicely since yesterday, after some grooming they have a nice crunch! 

1/13 2:00: We got to a few more trails this afternoon. The snow is starting to set up and lock in to the layers below, which makes for excellent walking conditions and decent skiing. While there are still some icy patches, especially under the Hemlocks past the Park Office, I did see a lot of ski tracks out there, especially going up to the tower. 

1/13 11:15: We didn't get quite as much snow as I (and probably everyone else!) had hoped for, but after a little grooming the trails are looking decent. If you're walking do be careful under the hemlocks as there are still some sheets of ice lurking under the new powder. For anyone looking for a ski on fresh trails, we will be grooming again this afternoon, probably around 2.

1/11: After a weekend of rain we were saved by a dusting of snow this morning. We do not groom on a day like today because we have to allow the snow to "set." If we groom a thin layer of powdery snow over ice we just sweep away the snow and expose the ice! That being said, this thin layer of powder over hard ice makes for some great fast skiing. Enjoy the trails!

1/7 11:30am: The main trails in Hubbard Park have been groomed and are in better shape. Use caution on trails that go through softwood stands as snow cover is thin and/or icy. Bridges also have very little or no cover and can be icy.

01/6 - 11:00am: The trails in Hubbard have been groomed, conditions are great for walking and people who like to ski fast :). There are a few icy patches under overhanging hemlocks, but otherwise we have a nice smooth crumble on the trails throughout the park. 

01/5 - 11:45am:

 We just  completed our first official grooming of the Hubbard Park skiing and walking trails. The snow cover is still a little thin in places but there is some good skiing out there!