Turntable Park

Turntable Park is located on Stonecutter's Way, right on the Winooski River, and gives people a chance to learn a bit more about Montpelier's history. It's a great spot for a picnic or a moment of reflection. It features stone benches, walkways, plantings, trash cans, and nice views of the river. (Photo by Google Maps. The map below is also adapted from Google Maps.)

Turntable Park was created as part of a community development project to develop a park based on a part of Montpelier's history. Trains were once a central part of Montpelier when they were essential to traveling and the key to transporting granite and other materials in the thriving local granite industry. Multiple train tracks once lay along what is now Stonecutter's Way, and the turntable featured at Turntable Park was once used to "spin" train engines and cars so they could switch directions.

The photos below were taken during the park's construction.

Turntable Park construction 2 - 1
Turntable Park construction - 1