Parklet Information


City Council has enacted a temporary parklet ordinance for the purpose of providing additional business expansion opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This temporary ordinance is in place through October 25, 2022. 

  • Existing parklets as of the effective date of this amendment may remain in place and have one year of their permitted time extended.
  • All parklets must comply with guidelines issued by the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development in conjunction with the Vermont Agency of Transportation.
  • Businesses may share parklets if permitted by their business type.
  • Business use of parklets must comply with any licensing requirements associated with their particular business.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all parklets.
  • Applications will be accepted immediately. Subsequent new permit applications will be accepted between the 1st and the 15th of each month with decisions made no later than the last day of that same month. All permits issued will continue until October 25th.
  • Permit applications will generally be approved if they meet all conditions. Reasons for denial may include pre-existence of another parklet in a particular parking space, a public safety conflict, an ADA conflict, or the need to reserve spaces as outlined below.
  • No application fee will be assessed.

Street Parklets

  • New parklets may be approved in public parking spaces on Main Street (from Barre St. to School St.), State Street (from Main St. to Taylor St.) and Langdon Street. Parklets outside of the designated area will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • The Manager is authorized to reserve spaces, if needed, to preserve public safety, accessibility, deliveries and curbside pick up.
  • Street Parklets will be limited to two parking spaces per business. Parking spaces must be proximate (within two parking spaces) to the main business location.
  • The parklet owner, including those referenced in (a), may be assessed a monthly fee equal to any foregone parking revenue for the space. During the time when parking fees are not being assessed, the business will pay no fee for the space.

Sidewalk Parklets 

  • Businesses may establish parklets on city sidewalks but must maintain a minimum consistent five foot open width for public use of the sidewalk. If such width is not attainable, use of the sidewalk is prohibited.

Approved Temporary Parklets

Archives: 2019 Parklet Information

A parklet is the temporary use of space in the dedicated public right-of-way (primarily parking spaces) for public and private use, primarily as additional seating areas for retail patrons, citizens, and visitors. Parklets are privately constructed and maintained for customers or the general public. Interested persons in designated areas may submit an application for the installation of parklets for review and consideration by the City of Montpelier.

Requested Parklets

State Street, Positive Pie (2 spaces).  Will be reviewed at the April 24th City Council meeting.

Approved Parklets

Langdon Street (3 spaces), Down Home Kitchen, Approved 5/9/18