Parklet Information

Parklet Provisions

PARKLET APPLICATION (All applications will be submitted to the City Manager’s Office at

Business Notificaiton Letter 

Development and River Hazard Applicaitons

  • Eligibility. A person who operates a business within the City’s Official Designated Downtown and has one or more public on-street parking spaces in front of their business may apply to the City for authorization to install a parklet in one or more spaces in accordance with this ordinance.
    • Parklets shall be used as an accessory space for a nearby business or businesses but shall not be used as a stand-alone place of business.
    • The parking space shall be a suitable location for a parklet. As such, the parklet location:
      1. Shall not unreasonably impede delivery and curbside pick-up locations of nearby businesses.
      2. Shall not be in a space that will interfere with the ability of emergency services to provide effective response to buildings or to the parklet in the event of an emergency.
      3. Shall not be in a space that in the opinion of the City staff will be in an unsafe location due to presence of turning vehicles or other considerations.
    • The parklet shall preserve access to public and private utilities such as manhole covers and shut off valves.
    • Parklets shall maintain a one-foot setback from the boundaries of the parking space except on the curb side of the parklet or on a side where a parklet is approved to cover two adjacent parking spaces.
    • The parklet itself shall be ADA accessible and the parklet shall not violate ADA accessibility requirements of the abutting sidewalk or unreasonably interfere with pedestrian use of the sidewalk.
      1. Finished surface of parklet floor to be flush with curb, ½ inch gap max.
      2. Design shall ensure good traffic and pedestrian visibility especially near crosswalks and intersections.
    • Parklets shall be attractive and not detract from the historic character of the downtown. Therefore, all parklets shall be reviewed by the Design Review Committee (DRC) to determine compliance with the Design Review Overlay District standards established in Section 2201 of the Unified Development Regulations (commonly known as the Zoning Regulations).
    • Parklets must follow River Hazard Area regulations.
      1. Proof of compliance from River Hazard Area Administrator or copy of approved RHA permit.
    • Parklets shall maintain paths of water drainage from centerline of road and along the curb to any storm drain inlet.
    • Parklets shall enhance the pedestrian experience downtown by providing places for activities on the commercial streets of the city. Amenities proposed with the parklet such as lights, speakers, umbrellas, and the like shall be provided and used in such a manner as to enhance the experience of those using the parklet but also those passing by.

Parklet Ordinance