Annual Survey for 2019

MSAC's 2019 Annual Survey Report is now available. Click here to read the report


  • As part of the requirements for national accreditation, the MSAC leadership initiated an annual survey process in the spring of 2019.  Its purpose was to clarify needs and interests of Montpelier area residents aged 50 or older, and to assess how well MSAC and its activities are responding to them.  Are MSAC programs having a positive impact on their lives?  How do they learn about the programs?  How might MSAC improve its services?  The survey was designed to collect both quantifiable and anecdotal information from older area residents.
  • In May of 2019, MSAC enclosed a paper survey form in a membership renewal mailing to over 1,710 current and recent MSAC members.  An electronic Survey Monkey version of the form was available online and posted to the MSAC website.  People were urged to use the electronic version instead of the paper form to reduce the hours of data entry needed to incorporate information from the paper forms into the survey data set. MSAC accepted completed surveys through June 30. The survey was completed by 399 people, of whom 98.7% said they were current MSAC members.
  • A final survey report has now been released and is available here. It highlights a few of the 406 written comments and summarizes the others.  It presents statistical and other responses to survey questions, considers those findings and describes how MSAC will put them to use.  For many survey questions, the report distinguishes the results for respondents age 75 or older from those for the overall survey population.
  • Volunteer Mary Carlson, a member of the MSAC Advisory Council, painstakingly led the effort to analyze the detailed results, categorize all comments for staff and Advisory Council to read, and produce the final report, which was reviewed by the MSAC Advisory Council at their September 9 meeting. More detailed feedback from the survey is being shared with such groups as the Program Committee. Thank you, Mary!