River Hazard Area Permit

Permit application

The City is adopting these regulations for the following reasons:

(1) To detail the simplest possible procedures that will allow the City to develop in a manner that is consistent with the general policies outlined in the Master Plan Montpelier, Vermont;

(2) To minimize and prevent loss of life and property, the disruption of commerce, the impairment of the tax base, and the extraordinary public expenditures and demands on public services that result from flooding and erosion hazards;

(3) To ensure the design and construction of development in the River Hazard Areas are accomplished in a manner that minimizes or eliminates the potential for flood and loss or damage to life and property in a Flood Hazard Area or that minimizes the potential for fluvial erosion and loss or damage to life and property in a River Corridor;

(4) To manage all Flood Hazard Areas designated pursuant to 10 V.S.A. §753;

(5) To make the City of Montpelier as well as its residents and property owners eligible for federal flood insurance, federal disaster recovery funds, and hazard mitigation funds as may be available.

(6) To further the purposes of the Act described under 24 V.S.A. §4302 and to be in accordance with the policies set forth therein. [§4401]

River Hazard Area regulations.

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