Park Mobile


We are pleased to announce that within the next week or two the City will be going live with ParkMobile!

Residents can anticipate seeing the installation of signs around the City within the week.  ParkMobile allows people to easily find and pay for parking on their mobile device. This will offer residents and visitors alike the ability to use the app to pay for parking without having to use a meter or kiosk. ParkMobile  can be used to schedule, start, extend and complete parking fee transactions remotely. Users can look for a spot in real time or reserve a space ahead of time. This option is a convenient, contactless way to find and pay for parking within the City. Please visit -

  • How do I use it?
  • Download the app from your smart phone
  • Sign up with an easy registration process
  • Enter the zone number shown on the meter or lot where you want to park
  • And enter your desired length of stay.
  • Bada-bing! You're parked. 

 Need a visual explanation? Check out this short video on Vimeo.