Hubbard Park Expansion

Thank you to everyone who helped us to expand Montpelier's beloved Hubbard Park! We raised more than $590,000 in donations and grants, and purchased the land...but now we need to make it accessible. 

We need your help to reach our final goal to raise stewardship funds! Click a button at right to donate.

Your donation will allow us to hire local youth through the Montpelier Youth Conservation Corps and build trails on our new park land. All donations to Montpelier Parks are tax deductible, just like a 501(c)3.

You can also make a donation by sending a check or donating stock (send an email to Parks Director, Alec Ellsworth).Hubbard Park Stone Tower

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Latest update

Here's how you can give:

We raised more than $430,000 in federal, state, and community grants, and, since October 2021, over $160,000 in individual donations and pledges!

The land has been purchased, and we're closing in our final goal to raise the stewardship funds. All the remaining funds will be put toward hiring local youth through the "Montpelier Youth Conservation Corps" to make improvements on the new Park land. 

All donations to the Parks Department to support this and related efforts are tax deductible, just like a donation to a 501(c)3. 

Check out our press release Monday, December 13, 2021 about the land acquisition.