Police Review Committee

The Police Review Committee's charge is to:
  • Understand current police practices
  • Define best practices for community safety
  • Consider MPD Strategic Plan and desired state
  • Make recommendations on gaps or needed shifts to City Council
  • Engage stakeholders throughout the process
The committee currently has 8 members who were appointed by the City Council. Montpelier Police Review Committee members include Alyssa Schuren (Chair), Justin Drechsler, Jen Duggan, Daniel Towle, Abbey Jermyn, Michael Sherman, and City Councilors Lauren Hierl and Jack McCullough. The committee was founded in November of 2020 and will make recommendations to the City Council in June 2021 with a comprehensive report. 

You can find their resources, minutes and agendas here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17KMwlt7xUz2x5uyHl_ci6aO6KdLPpAwQ

The final report can be found here: FINAL REPORT