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March for Meals 2022: So many ways to get involved!

March for meals 2022 basic imageMarch is nationally recognized as Meals on Wheels Awareness month, and MSAC is thrilled to unroll a robust series of events to raise funds and awareness for our FEAST program.

The week of March 21-25th is going to be our Community Champion Week in which many community partners will help us celebrate our Meals on Wheels program. The current line up of activities and other ways to get involved (star deliveries, sponsoring, telling your story, joining any of three events, and more) can be found here. If you are interested in plugging in to help us celebrate our yummy Meals on Wheels program, please reach out to the FEAST office! Thanks in advance for your support! 802-262-6288 or feast@montpelier-vt.org

Besides registering for the March 24-25 events, you can make a donation for our campaign here

All proceeds from this fundraising effort will go to ensuring that the FEAST Senior Meals Program has a vibrant future ahead. Thank you in advance for your support!


chicken on bike - ef6f8c16-6515-030d-741d-ff2eead13d35Net Zero FEAST Farm Fundraiser with Just Basics

(Separate from March for Meals!)

Just Basics Inc. and the FEAST Senior Meals Program are raising funds for the City-run FEAST Farm 
just down the bike path! With a goal of $5,500, we will buy 450 broiler chickens, coop equipment and fencing, feed and supplies, and an e-bike and trailer to transport the chicken and produce to the Montpelier Food Pantry and FEAST senior meals at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center! This local, sustainable farm is a real community, collaborative effort and we are excited to help it grow. Please DONATE what you can today. Thank you!


Getting to know Em, our Montpelier High School Intern 

What do you like about interning at the senior center? I really like helping the community. I also enjoy meal pack out and helping in the kitchen. I like feeling helpful and like I’m doing something good for the community. So far, I’ve enjoyed my time here.  

Ems watercolor for Intern QAWhat sort of things get you stoked? I like art and doing creative things. Creative pursuits bring me a lot of inspiration. I’m especially inspired by watercolor and pencil artwork. I also love comic art. I also love sewing and creating original patterns. I want to do that more though…Motivation can be tough. For me, creative motivation is more a challenge than doing the project itself. (A recent watercolor by Em is above.)

What’s an unexpected fact about you? I’ve already spent three years working in elementary school classrooms as an elementary school assistant, including two different kindergarten classes. That was in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. I enjoy working with kids. They are creative and it’s a good energy to be around. I want to be a good mentor to younger kids. Because I’m a nonbinary individual, allowing kids to ask questions from a younger age is important to me. I wish I knew about gender identity beyond the binary spectrum when I was younger. 

What is your favorite song right now? This isn’t really my favorite song, but it’s the first one that came to mind: “I Still Adore You” by the Oozes.  

What do you want older adults to understand about being a teenager in 2022? Generally, younger volunteers if they have direction, they are as capable as any older volunteer. I think my capabilities are like other volunteers if I’m taught the skills. In past experiences, even when I’ve been more capable and more experienced than adults present, I’ve been treated as ignorant and incapable. Often, I’ve been questioned on abilities simply because I was younger, which can be frustrating. I will say that in the FEAST environment, I’ve had a much less infantilized experience. I’ve felt more like an equal here, which is refreshing. There are plenty of people who know more than me here, but they treat me like I know what I’m doing. 

To learn more about internships, volunteer positions, and other ways to get involved in supporting FEAST Senior Meals, call 802-262-6288 or email feast@montpelier-vt.org.


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"Keep safe" spelled out in Scrabble tiles, an image by clarissa-watson-2dHL__IyDWQ-unsplashFEAST Curbside is CANCELLED FRIDAY, February 25, in anticipation in the snowstorm on the way.  With schools on break this week, we couldn't wait for a school closure decision and decided to be pro-active! 

We'll be back next Tuesday, March 1st with BBQ Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Mashed Potato, Cornbread, Fresh Fruit. Vegetarian entrée: BBQ Jack Fruit. 

Red hen baking co logoThanks to Red Hen Baking Co. for a $7,700 contribution to the FEAST Kitchen!

FEAST Program Manager Kim Myers shared with us this week that Red Hen Baking Co. of Middlesex recently donated $7,700 for re-opening and updating the FEAST Kitchen. The funds were raised as tips from customers in January. As RHB’s staff explained, their staff pools the tips each month to decide what causes are dear to their hearts. We are incredibly grateful to be the recipient of such a generous gift, which will go a long way toward kitchen improvements for FEAST Senior Meals! 

FEAST’s Village of Support

We have so many thank-yous to share! In late December, we needed to solve a broken-oven situation...and were able to do so quickly! We wound up buying a new electric convection oven. A big thank you to Montpelier’s DPW for helping us move our new oven. Huge thanks to Green Mountain Power for a $3,000 rebate for the oven and to Efficiency Vermont for a $775 rebate for the oven. Thank you to Green Mountain Restaurant Equipment LLC in Milton, VT for ordering our new oven. 

Montpelier High School: We would love to thank Jim Birmingham and all of the food service workers for providing us with an affordable milk option for our meal recipients and even delivering it to us a couple of days when we forgot to come pick it up! We also want to thank the Staff at MHS for working with us to pilot a new internship program and providing us with 4 amazing interns that are making life a breeze over here. Our interns work to prepare meals while also fulfilling school credit. 

undefined Opens in new windowVolunteers still needed for FEAST

If you or someone you know is interested in helping, please call or email us: 802-262-6288, feast@montpelier-vt.org

Current needs: Kitchen Volunteers / Dishwashers /  Meals on Wheels regular and substitute drivers

Donate to FEAST

FEAST Curbside Pickup Meals and Meals on Wheels are available at no charge to people age 60+, though donations are welcome. All proceeds benefit FEAST. MSAC’s meals cost $12+ per meal, so every dollar helps supplement the federal reimbursements that we receive (in partnership with CVCOA) to cover just a third of the cost. We are grateful to all donors and volunteers that keep FEAST funds flowing!  To make a tax-deductible contribution, click here.