Municipal Records

Which records the city keeps, who keeps them, and for how long are defined under state law - and is a law that is regularly in motion. You may find it helpful when making a public records request to review the retention schedule to see what documents will be held and for how long under the law.

Also, if you are a municipal employee or volunteer, it's also a good idea to check in and find out what documents you may be responsible for maintaining by virtue of your position (IMPORTANT: If you are using your personal email for public business, you are potentially opening up your personal emails to review by a legal authority in regards to any public records request).

Record retention schedules by department are listed first. Below you can find links to the statutory requirements.

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CLERK'S OFFICE record retention requirements

POLICE DEPARTMENT record retention requirements

SUPERVISORY UNION record retention requirements

General requirements:

Accounting Records

Administrative Policy Records

Audit Records 

Budget Records 

Contracting Files 

Enforcement Records 

Granting & Awards Records 

Infrastructure Development/Planning/Construction/etc Records

Investigation Records 

Land Use and Related Permits 

Lending & Loan Records/Public Funds 


Personnel Files 

Tax Appeals

Tax Assessments and Related Records 

Public Utilities

Public Lands