Country Club Road Site Property Development

Currently, this project is known as the "Country Club Road Site" project. It has previously been called the "203 Country Club Road Project" or the "Former Elk's Club Property" project. As this project evolves, we welcome name suggestions and feedback!

CCR pan

Current Work

June 2023 Update

Project consultants VHB and White + Burke will be presenting the Actionable Master Plan (AMP) to the Montpelier City Council on Wednesday, June 28th at their regular City Council meeting. The AMP summarizes the results of Phase 1 and provides a roadmap for the City to move forward with the project based on those results.

At the meeting, the project team will walk through the recommendations outlined in the AMP and provide an opportunity for the Council and the public to ask questions and discuss the proposal. The ask of the Council is to adopt the AMP which will lead the project into the beginning of Phase 2.

The full AMP, presentation slides, and memo to the City Council are linked below.

To view the June 28th City Council meeting agenda, items packet, and meeting info, click here:

Actionable Master Plan City Council Materials

Actionable Plan as Adopted on June 28, 2023

  • Click here to download the Actionable Plan as Adopted by the City Council on June 28th, 2023

Mont. CCR Phase 1 timeline complete

Spring 2023 Update

After a robust and collaborative public input process, we’re nearing the end of Phase 1 planning for the Country Club Road site project. We heard from over 145 people at our Winter 2023 public engagement sessions and gathered over 12,000 data points from 624 respondents to the Winter 2023 survey. Thank you for your contributions! On March 22nd, 2023, the project team presented these findings to the City Council for their feedback on this stage in the project development.  

Feedback from the Winter engagement sessions voiced housing and recreation as top priorities which is consistent with what we heard during the Fall stage. The City and the project team are continuing ongoing discussions about this site's scope and the scale of recreation uses. The recreation development process will continue into Phase 2 and will incorporate a more in-depth analysis of programming and physical assets needed to accommodate recreation and community needs.  

Currently, the project team is putting together three conceptual designs that will be presented to the public in mid-April and then will be presented to City Council in May with the public findings and the team’s recommendations. At this juncture, we are looking for feedback from the public and the Council on these final concept designs. The design chosen by the Council will evolve into the Actionable Master Plan and mark the transition into Phase 2 of Master Planning.  

This stage is more action-oriented because one of these concept designs will evolve into an Actionable Master Plan. While Phase 1 has been focused on vision, Phase 2 will be more specific with due diligence assessments and other action items to prepare the location for site development.  

It’s important to remember this is a long-term build-out. Likely, the final designs will not be fully completed for another 10+ years. Once the Actionable Master Plan has been created, the City and project team will create a project timeline to outline the stages of development and target goals.   

Once again, the City will host three public engagement sessions to get the public’s feedback on the final concept designs and will be soliciting feedback via a City-wide survey. The meetings will match the same style and format as previous public engagement sessions for the Country Club Road Site project. Like before, the purpose of hosting a series of meetings and providing a video with the survey on the website is to provide a variety of opportunities for community members to participate and engage with the project.

City Council Presentation & Memo -- 5/24/2023

Concept Plans and Cost Scale

Spring 2023 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Click here to view and download the Spring 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the Spring 2023 Update Video

  • Click here to watch Josh Jerome, the City's Community and Economic Development Specialist, and Stephanie Clarke, Vice President of White + Burke Real Estate Advisors, give a short presentation about this stage of the master planning process.

*  Please note: Updated financial estimates are explained in the presentation on 4/29. Click here to watch the 4/29 meeting recording. For a more in-depth look at costs and possible financing approaches, jump to minutes 19:00-37:00 of the meeting recording.

March 2023 Update

Click here to download the Memo to the City Council from project consultant White + Burke.

Click here to view the presentation to the City Council on Wednesday, March 22.

Click here to download the Winter 2023 Country Club Road survey results.

Click here to download the Montpelier High School survey results.

Winter 2023 Update  

View the Winter 2023 Survey Results 

Click here to download the results of the Winter 2023 Country Club Road Site Survey

Montpelier High School Student Survey

Click here to download the results of the Montpelier High School Student Survey

Watch the Winter Update Video!

Click here to watch the Country Club Road Site Winter 2023 Update video

Listen to Josh Jerome's interview on Vermont Viewpoint

Click here to listen to the January 24th episode of Vermont Viewpoint on WDEV

January 18, 2023 Full City Council Package, with Due Diligence Assessments

Download the Full City Council Package, with Due Diligence Assessments PDF

In the next series of public engagement meetings, we invite the public to review the site evaluation results and understand the property's development and use potential. Test sketches of the site will be available on the City's website by January 19th, 2023. All three meetings will follow the same format and will present the same information. Choose the date and time that work best for you, and we hope to see you there! 

Can't make it to the meetings? There are lots of other ways to learn more and get involved! Stay tuned to this page for the latest info and ways to engage, or email Josh Jerome, the City's Community and Economic Development Specialist. Josh will be collecting community feedback throughout the project and is part of the City's public outreach team for the Country Club Road Site project. Also, check out the article by City Manager William Fraser in the January 25th, 2023 edition of The Bridge! Click here to read the article.

Thinking about attending one of the Winter 2023 Country Club Road Site Community Meetings? Please RSVP! Seating is limited for in-person meetings, so please select from the list which meeting you plan to attend.

Go to the  Polco website to RSVP.

Meeting Dates & Zoom Links

  1. Saturday, January 28th - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm at 203 Country Club Road (formerly the Elk's Lodge)
  2. Thursday, February 2nd - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at Montpelier City Hall & on Zoom 
    • Zoom meeting info: Country Club Road Winter Session #2
      Time: Feb 2, 2023 06:00 PM Eastern Time
      Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 867 6377 4396
      Phone: 929-205-6099
  3. Thursday, February 9th - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm on Zoom
    • Country Club Road Winter Session #3
      Time: Feb 9, 2023 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
      Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 882 1797 8710
      Phone: 929-205-6099

Fall 2022 Update

City’s consultant team conducting site due diligence and assisting City in the ongoing public input process. Launch of a series of feedback sessions and opportunities in October 2022. Following site due diligence, more public workshops to come (Winter 2023) to discuss site’s opportunities and constraints, then again to discuss concept planning. See consultant memo re: process below. Outreach flyer (link also below) outlines the Fall 2022 opportunities for input. Public input up to September 2022 can be found below as well. This will continue to be updated through this phase.

September 2022 Update

City Council asked for more information from White & Burke regarding their plans for public engagement regarding 203 Country Club master planning. Please see White & Burke’s additional information memo linked below.

August 2022 Update

The City Council has approved a contractor after a lengthy Request for Proposals (RFP) review, interview, and recommendation process. City Council voted to approve of White & Burke, as the program manager for this project at their August 24th, 2022 Council Meeting. White & Burke will lead the City and the community through a public process to master-plan the 133-acre parcel. Please see White & Burke’s project proposal linked below. The Council also re-reviewed information and asks from the Hub Group at the August 24th, 2022 Council Meeting. Council gave the authority to the City Manager to negotiate a short-term lease with the Hub group for them to rent a portion of the available internal space at the existing building on the 203 Country Club Rd. property. The Hub is interested in offering a restaurant and inside/digital sports to start.

May 2022 Update

Council received an update on the project at their May 25th, 2022 Council Meeting. At this meeting, City Council reviewed and approved a funding plan and RFP to seek a consultant or firm to act as a Project Manager to guide the process of master planning the site for redevelopment opportunities. The Approved Draft of the RFP can be found below in the "Project Background Information and Documents" section. A final draft will be listed on the City’s Bid page when it is out for applications. More public feedback sessions will be scheduled when the consultant/firm have been brought on board. Organizations who are interested in being part of the redevelopment options can reach out to the Community Development Specialist in the City’s Planning office at 802-223-9506.

Photos of the Country Club Road Site Property

Montpelier Elks Lodge-106
Montpelier Elks Lodge-102
Montpelier Elks Lodge-107
Elks Trees and trail