Housing Committee


The Montpelier City Council created an official Housing Committee on May 11, 2022.  The Housing Committee’s mission is to evaluate housing-related information and propose solutions to the City Council that address identified problems. The Housing Committee also works to educate the public about Montpelier’s housing situation and to advocate for policies and proposals that further the goals of the City’s Master Plan. 


The purpose of the Housing Committee is to:

  • Gather and evaluate housing-related information from a wide variety of sources, 
  • Propose responses to housing concerns that are identified, 
  • Recommend policies and programs to the City Council that further the two main housing aspirations of the Montpelier City Master Plan which are:
    • Montpelier will have an adequate supply of safe, resilient, and affordable housing to meet the needs of all current and future residents.
    • Montpelier will affirmatively further fair housing in order to protect all people from discrimination, promote economic opportunities, and create a more diverse, inclusive community.
  • Educate the public regarding Montpelier’s housing situation and to advocate for policies and proposals that further the above-mentioned aspirations

In order to meet its mission the Housing Committee will:

  • Consult with a wide range of housing experts
  • Collaborate with appropriate state, regional, and Montpelier city government entities
  • Engage with individuals and organizations of under-represented groups whose housing may be impacted by existing or proposed housing-related policies and procedures 
  • Engage and collaborate with other city committees, as appropriate including but not limited to the Homelessness Task Force, the Planning Commission, and the Energy Advisory Committee
  • Engage with a variety of parties with an interest in housing including but not limited to landlords, developers, renters, service providers, and others
  • Understand and evaluate the city’s existing and past efforts regarding housing-related matters
  • Learn about efforts made by other municipalities with the goal of finding new and creative solutions to similar problems


The Housing Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm.

You can find past agendas/minutes here: https://www.montpelier-vt.org/129/Agendas-Minutes


  • Jo Ann Troiano
  • Carol Moorman 
  • Jessica Oparowski
  • David Hartnet
  • Diane Sherman
  • Emma Zavez (Chair)
  • Irene Mendez, (Vice Chair)
  • Rebecca Copans
  • Stan Brinkerhoff
  • Sean Sheehan 
  • Suzanne Ford
  • Amanda Ibey
  • Dan Coppock
  • Josh Jerome, City Staff Liaison
  • Tim Heney, Council Rep
  • Cary Brown, Council Rep