Technology Services Division

The Information and Telecommunication Systems Division is a part of the Finance Department and provides support for all municipal departments with information systems, telephony, and technology services. This support starts with the service and maintenance of our existing technology and continues with forecasting and implementation of upgrades to new technology and applications.

The Division of Technology Services will provide the highest quality technology based services, in the most cost-effective manner, to facilitate the City’s mission as it applies to the provision of municipal services.
To meet this mission we will:
  • Provide effective technology support for audio/visual, computer, multimedia, voice, video, and web based applications and services to all areas of the City
  • Promote and facilitate the effective integration of technology into the basic mission of the City through planning, programming, training, consulting, and other support activities
  • Develop, enhance, and manage the City's enterprise networks to provide high speed, transparent, and highly functional connectivity among all information resources
  • Develop and maintain highly effective, reliable, secure, and innovative information systems to support instructional, administrative and research functions
  • Facilitate the collection, storage, security and integrity of electronic data while ensuring appropriate access
  • Promote new uses of information technology within the institution through the support for exploratory and innovative applications
  • Provide leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology
  • Provide fast and reliable access to all information systems.
The City’s Wide Area Network is routed though Fiber (provided by SoverNet). This communication network between City Hall and the outlying facilities of the Public Works Garage, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Water Filtration Facility in Berlin is configured to enhance the secure management of the potable water and waste water systems and radio communications between the garage and various remote units.

Communication Initiative
The City continues to maintain its communication link with the local and world wide community via the internet. This communication, information and research tool also provides increasing levels of risk for the City’s hardware, software and data. Our goal is to provide the City a knowledgeable, effective and adequate level of security. The City continues to maintain a sophisticated firewall, virus protection standards and a redundant daily full system backup to insure the integrity and continued performance of the network and its applications.