Montpelier Park Policies

Following the below policies will help to ensure the shared enjoyment of our parks. Many of our lands and trails are multi-use, and respect for others and for wildlife is crucial. See links at left for further guidance on use of the Sledding Hill and the Canine Code of Conduct. Thank you for your help in making sure Montpelier Parks are safe and enjoyable for everyone!

General Park Rules

These rules apply to all of our parks.

  • No smoking
  • No littering
  • No cutting or harvesting of wood
  • Carry out whatever you carry in
  • No discharging of firearms or weapons in the parks unless special permission is given (see below)
  • Follow posted signage about fires (permitted only in designated areas), dogs, parking, biking or trail use restrictions
  • On the sledding hill in Hubbard Park, stay safe and respect others (see the Sledding Hill Rules)


If you have a dog with you, do not allow it to approach other people or dogs without mutual agreement, and do not assume that others want to interact with it. Pick up after your dog, and make sure it has a current rabies vaccine.

In North Branch River Park, dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. In Hubbard Park, dogs can be off leash but please bring a leash and keep your dog in sight and under voice control at all times.

Dog owners please see our Canine Code of Conduct, which is also posted throughout the parks.


In Hubbard Park, bicycles are allowed only on the roads (even those closed to motor vehicles), except during mud season. No bikes are allowed on Hubbard Park trails.
North Branch River Park has many mountain bike trails that are marked and can be accessed via the Cummings St. trailhead, the river bridge by the Montpelier Pool, or the North Branch Nature Center. These mountain bike trails connect to the East Montpelier trail system, where biking is also allowed.

Wherever bikes are allowed, bikers should yield to all other trail users.

Vehicles in the Parks

Parking is only allowed in designated parking areas, and vehicles are not allowed in the park during mud season (generally some time in late March through early April). 


Fires are allowed only in designated fire places. Gathering fallen or dead branches is allowed for the purpose of building a fire in a designated park fire pit or fireplaces.

Hunting and Firearms

According to City Ordinance, Sec. 11-502, Discharge of firearms or weapons in any city park: The discharge of a revolver, pistol, rifle, shotgun, air rifle, BB gun, arrow from a bow, or similar firearm or weapon within the limits of any Montpelier Park is not allowed without the written permission of the City Police and Parks Departments.

Winter Trail Use

All of the ski trails in Montpelier Parks are intended for walkers and snowshoers, as well. Please be respectful and aware of other trail users. 

Use caution when exploring non groomed areas of the park. Trails that are not groomed may be steep or have hazards with only a thin cover of snow over them. 

We ask that walkers and snowshoers walk in the middle of trails and avoid the grooves (or "tracks") made along trail sides for cross-country skiers.