Tree Warden & Tree Management

There are more than 2,000 "street" trees in Montpelier. Street trees are in the public right-of-way, which means they are close enough to sidewalks and roadways to have an impact on the public. Depending on their health, those trees can either offer us welcome shade and enhance the beauty of our city streets or become a potential hazard.

The Montpelier Tree Board is responsible for the governance of our city's trees while the management of the trees, themselves, is handled by the Parks and Trees staff under the direction of Tree Warden, Alec Ellsworth.

Concerned About a Tree?

If you are aware of a tree growing on city land that is a hazard or needs attention, please email Tree Warden & Parks Director Alec Ellsworth (see "Contact Us," at right).


Tree Warden Duties

The Tree Warden is a Montpelier city official with complete authority over all trees, shrubs, and plants in the public right-of-way that are not already under the jurisdiction of the Parks Commission or Cemetery Commission. The Tree Warden may remove or demand the removal of any tree that is in an unsafe condition, presents a hazard to the general public, is infected by insects, or is affecting the improvement of public utilities.

The Tree Warden also advises the Tree Board and regulatory boards of the City in matters of tree health, care, and maintenance.