Bicycle Policies

Bicycles & Trails
Bikes are not allowed on any trails in Hubbard Park. In Hubbard Park bicycles can be ridden on all roads, whether they are open or closed to motor vehicles (Except during mud season).

There is 1 trail in the North Branch River Park where biking is allowed. The trailhead is on Cummings Street on the right about 1 hundred yards before the end of the road. The mountain bike trail connects to the East Montpelier trail system where biking is also allowed.

Biking is limited in the park to reduce the number of trail user conflicts. The parks have a history of more passive uses. For example 10 walkers may never see each other since they travel at the same rate. One biker may pass all 10 and each of them may be alarmed at the speed of which they are approached.

An important goal for park use is a safe and hopefully peaceful retreat.