Other Policies

Parking & Vehicles
Parking is only allowed in designated parking areas in the park. Vehicles are not allowed in the park during mud season. Mud season is weather dependent but is generally in late March and early April.

Fires are allowed in designated fire places around the park. Cutting or harvesting of wood in the park is prohibited. Gathering fallen or dead branches is allowed for use in designated park fire pits or fireplaces.

Sec. 11-502. Discharge of firearms or weapons in any city park.
The discharge of a revolver, pistol, rifle, shotgun, air rifle, BB gun, arrow from a bow, or a similar
firearm or weapon within the limits of Hubbard Park, North Branch River Park or any city park is not
permitted without written permission of the Police and Parks Departments.

All of the ski trails in Montpelier Parks are intended for walkers and snowshoers as well. Please be respectful and aware of other trail users. Trails that are not groomed may be steep or have hazards that are thinly covered. Use caution when exploring non groomed areas of the park. We ask that walkers and snowshoers walk in the middle and avoid the grooved or "tracked" part that are made on the sides of trails, when there is enough snow.