Reserving a Shelter

If you would like to reserve a shelter, please fill out the Shelter Reservation Form or call Montpelier Parks at 802-223-7335 with your name, contact information, date of event, number of people and time of event.

Hubbard Park Shelter Reservation Fees


Resident Fees for 4 hour rental

Non- Resident Fees for 4 Hour Rental

Organization Fees

<25 attendees






25-99 attendees




100+ attendees




Reservation Rules

  1. We discourage the use of glass at the events that individuals are holding at the shelters. There are a lot "little hands, feet and paws that come through the parks and we want to avoid anyone getting hurt by any accidental leftovers.
  2. Reservations are limited to a 4 hour time block
  3. Reservations are posted on the shelter the morning of the event. If you come to a shelter without a reservation, please honor the planning ahead of time and fee paid and yield the shelter to the reserving party.
  4. Montpelier Parks has a Carry in - Carry out policy. When holding an event, Please make sure you take all trash and belongings with you when you leave. Please be responsible and leave the shelters as clean or cleaner than when you arrived. Please help keep our parks beautiful!
  5. Montpelier Parks are all designated non-smoking areas.
  6. For a group of 50 or more people, you must submit the Online Group Permission Form or a hard copy of the Group Permission Form must be sent to the Parks Commission at least 6 weeks prior to the requested date. The Parks Commission will review the information and notify the group. Large groups are usually required to rent and provide a port-a-potty, especially if they will be using the shelter for 4 hours.