Information for Candidates

Petitions to run for city office for the March 7 2023 Annual City Meeting must be received in the clerk's office by 5:00 PM on January 30.

The City Charter deviates a bit from general statute in regards to getting on the city ballot. To be a candidate for office use the following links:

  • Click on these links for sample nominating petitions and  a consent of candidate form to run for city office (from the Secretary of State's website). You need 25 signatures from within the jurisdiction (for citywide offices such as the mayor or cemetery commission, the jurisdiction is the entire city and for City Council, the jurisdiction is the council district)
  • To become a candidate for school office (School Board, Moderator, Treasurer, Clerk) or local State office (State Representative, Justice of the Peace - neither of which are voted on Town Meeting Day) you also need a Consent of Candidate form and 30 signatures on the petition (click for a sample school office nominating petition).

For information on running for State Senate, State Representative, or statewide office, click here to go to the Secretary of State's website.