Information for Candidates

To become a candidate for city office (Mayor, City Council, City Clerk, Cemetery or Parks Commission):

The City Charter deviates a bit from general statute in regards to getting on the city ballot. To be a candidate for off ice you will need to:

  • Turn in a Statement of Candidacy (this affirms that you want to run for office, and which office you are running for). Click here for a statement of candidacy sheet.
  • Turn in a nominating petition (click here for a template you may use if you choose) with at least 25 verifiably registered voters living in the are you will be representing (for example, if you are running for Mayor, it can be 25 voters living anywhere in the city. If you are running for City Council, the voters must reside in the district you wish to represent).
To become a candidate for school office (School Board, Moderator, Treasurer, Clerk) or local State office (State Representative, Justice of the Peace):

  • You also need a statement of candidacy sheet and a petiton. The petition to run for school office can be found by clicking here, but the petition needs 30 verifiable registered voters instead of 25.
  • Similarly, running for Justice of the Peace or State Representative requires 30 signatures, but you may use the regular petition form (click here).
For information on running for State Senate or statewide office, click here to go to the Secretary of State's website.

All petitions and statements of candidacy must be delivered together and received by the City Clerk no later than 5:00PM Monday, January 25th 2021.