November 2002 Concept

Revised Plan Sketches
Designs produced by Jean Vissering and Robert A. White, ASLA.

Phase 1 Revised Plan

Phase 1 Revised Plan

Phase 2 Revised Plan

Phase 2 Revised Plan
Plan Details
  • The turntable structure is the focal point of the park. Its basic structure remains intact and visible from all viewpoints, but it becomes useable for a number of different purposes. Although the design does not restore the turntable to a point where it could be functional, the design would not eliminate the possibility of a full restoration in the future.
  • The diagonal turntable track becomes a pathway. The pattern of the old ties is reflected in the surface with additional wood or metal supports to provide a comfortable and safe walking surface.
  • To create an open lawn 18” below the rim of the turntable 1/2 of the turntable is filled. Seating is provided around the outside rim, and a ramp leads up to the walkway/plaza/sidewalk level of the park.
  • To allow people to view the steel trusses of the track, as well as the circular track around the periphery of the concrete rim, 1/4 of the turntable remains in its historic condition. There is a 4 foot drop to the circular track which sits on a ledge, and another 2-3 foot drop to the bottom of the pit. This portion of the turntable will be fenced. Some restoration of the various components will be required.
  • The remaining 1/4 of the turntable will be covered with a slightly raised decking which will serve as performance space, flexible seating space, and a river overlook. A black steel mesh material may be used for the decking which would allow some visibility of the track structures underneath the decking.
  • Extending out over the river providing views up and down the river are 2 catwalks. The remaining curved deck edge is set back to retain the maximum amount of vegetation on the riverbank.
  • Riverbank planting will be enhanced in order to encourage lower shrubs and taller trees that permit views out between the understory and over story layers. Some invasive species such as honeysuckle may be replaced with more appropriate species.
  • Seating will be a combination of granite slabs and benches with backs organized to accommodate individuals or small groupings. Small stone tables can be used as surfaces for lunch, chess games, or as theatrical pedestals.
  • The edges of the park are planted with trees and ground covers and serve as buffers from the street and neighboring buildings, while the interior half of the turntable becomes a multi-purpose lawn area.

Budget Information