The Mill Pond Park was added to the Montpelier Parks system in 2004 and turned into a beautiful space in 2005. This project had wonderful support from many people and volunteers, including 2 weeks of help from a Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC) crew, a week of work from an International Volunteers for Peace group. The project involved removing a house in terrible condition. In sculpting the, when removing the foundation of the house, we left the terrain open to make a curved stone bench into the hillside creating a more intimate connection with the river and more of a buffer from the roadway. Then we planted numerous trees, riverbank plants and native flowers and even some blueberries. Many invasive species were removed.  A pathway,was installed along with some wooden benches, and a place for launching boats.

Behind the Name

We are told that the dam down the river was put in to create water power for a mill, and the dam subsequently created a pond behind it, hence the name.