Housing Preservation Loan Program

To help make necessary home repairs, qualifying Montpelier homeowners can apply now for low- or no-interest loans. Montpelier's Community Development Agency is accepting applications for no-interest and low-interest loans to help pay for needed home repairs. Repayment may be deferred until your property is sold, or your interest in it is transferred.

Since 1987, this unique program has helped 100 local families. A family of four with two children can earn up to $51,060 and still qualify for these loans. Income limits vary by household size.

Loan Use
These loans can help you:
  • Add space to relieve overcrowding.
  • Conserve energy (and save on costs) by repairing or replacing your heating system.
  • Install or replace storm windows and insulation.
  • Keep yourself and your family healthy and safe in your home.
  • Make your home more handicapped-accessible.
  • Repair plumbing, wiring, roofing - and even your foundation.
  • Make even more repairs.
Funding Information
Funds are limited and loans will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. So contact us today at 802-223-9506! This is an equal opportunity program. Discrimination is prohibited by federal law.

To find out more information about this and other Community Development programs, please contact Montpelier's Community Development Specialist at 802-223-9506, or you can download a program brochure (PDF) with a form that you can fill out and mail to us. We'll send you a loan application along with more information.