Vital Records

Requesting a Certified Copy
Birth, death, marriage, and civil union records are held at the City Clerk's Office, which also maintains an index of those records on site, and what page number of the appropriate year's record book the original document can be found on.

To request a certified copy of a birth, death, marriage, or civil union certificate, stop by the City Clerk's Office or contact either the Clerk or Assistant Clerk at 802-223-9500. The cost for a certified copy is $10.

Online Records
Birth, death, and marriage records from 2012 forward are kept electronically, and can be viewed through your web browser. This online index also contains birth, death, and marriage records dating back to 2002/2003, but be aware that there may be some records missing from those years. For all other years, please stop by the City Clerk's Office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to view the physical index.