Montpelier Senior Activity Center

MSAC Remains Closed for In-person Group Programs for right now, but we are still here to serve the community!

MSAC is closed to the public for in-person group programs based on COVID-19 guidance from the State and City. Until further notice, no in-person group classes, activities, or customer service is possible, and though we're still answering phones and emails, some staff are working remotely. Exceptions are scheduled foot care clinics and AARP tax clinics inside our building for one-on-one masked service. FEAST Meals on Wheels delivery continues and FEAST Curbside Meal Pickup service is at the side door twice weekly. None of our drop-in groups will meet at or outside MSAC. Winter classes are all online. We will announce updates in our e-letters, website, Facebook and FPF.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope everyone stays safe and as well-connected as possible during these challenging times. Please call us if we can help.

The State's June 2020 Guidance for Re-opening Senior Centers during COVID-19 is here, and we anticipate updates to this for mid-2021 that are not yet out:

The Montpelier Senior Activity Center (MSAC) is a gathering place for healthy aging, lifelong learning and delicious meals.

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