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Giving Back To MSAC This Holiday Season

Dear Montpelier Community,

As you likely know by now, the Montpelier Senior Activity Center (MSAC) is proud to run a vibrant Meals on Wheels program through our FEAST Senior Meals Program. While we are always in need of volunteer drivers and kitchen helpers, MSAC is also in need of your financial generosity.

We know that many worthy organizations are seeking your donations right now...but we're putting the word out to you because for just a few dollars a month, your contributions could help ensure that your neighbors in need of home-delivered meals can get them.

Like many others, we are struggling with inflation and rising food costs, so it currently costs $133/month to purchase the ingredients needed to provide ONE Meals on Wheels client with meals for the month. With all the other costs, it actually costs just over $500 to serve one client a month. We are exceedingly grateful to the Central VT Council on Aging (CVCOA) for the $3.80/meal they reimburse us, but the current food costs are more like $4.43/meal.

The need for Meals on Wheels is increasing, exponentially. In the last year alone, we have more than doubled our service. Just this week alone we have received 5 new intakes…and these are all for folks coming out of the hospital with mobility issues and dire need for our home-delivered meals.

Consider this: if just 4 of you contributed $33/month, that is one client taken care of for a whole month of meals. And think of it this way: $33 a month is like skipping just one lunch at a café...

If you feel able, even $10 a month is helpful. And moreover, if you can help us by spreading the word about this opportunity to ensure that food finds the folks that need it, please do. You may set up your monthly contribution by visiting here:

(Make sure to specify if your gift is for FEAST or for general MSAC support)

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for ALL that you do for our beautiful community. Together, we shine the light so our elders can feel at ease on their aging journeys.

End Of Life Series at MSAC

Join Cynthia Stadler APRN, from BAYADA Hospice, for a four-part series exploring important issues encountered towards the end of life. We will introduce a different topic each session, but also allow plenty of time to discuss questions, concerns, and thoughts participants wish to bring.

Sessions will be in-person at MSAC and refreshments will be served. Topics include Advance Care Planning; Being Mortal film screening; Taking Control at End of Life; and Understanding Dementia.

Call to register: 802-223-2518

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The Montpelier Senior Activity Center (MSAC) is a gathering place for healthy aging, lifelong learning and delicious meals.

Masking is recommended for all inside our facility. 

MSAC's current offerings

2022 Fall Program Guide

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Graffiti Removal Infrastructure Team (GRIT)

See How GRIT Cleans Up The Community In The Slideshow Below!


Before 52022


Finished Bridge, 52022


Bear Pond Alley Graffiti Near Wires Before


Bear Pond Alley Graffiti Near Wires After


Bear Pond Alley Entrance Before


Bear Pond Alley Entrance 8922 After


GRIT Photo 1


GRIT Photo 2


FU VT (before) June 2, 2022 2


FU VT (after) June 2, 2022


Mailbox Near Roundabout, July 9, 2022 before


Mailbox Near Roundabout, July 9, 2022 after


School St 2 Before


School St 2 After


Utility Box (during) June 2, 2022


Utility Box (after) June 2, 2022


Taylor Street bridge, July 16, 2022, 1 before


Taylor Street bridge July 16, 2022, 1 after


Taylor Street bridge, July 16, 2022, 2 before


Taylor Street bridge, July 16, 2022, 2 after

Have Fun While Helping Montpelier Look Better!

Are you disturbed by the increase in graffiti appearing on buildings, retaining walls, signs, bridges, benches and other places in Montpelier? If so, you’re not alone. Some who have noticed the increase have formed a volunteer group to restore the city’s infrastructure to its pre-vandalized state. (See “before” and “after” photos.)

Known as GRIT (Graffiti Removal Infrastructure Team), the group was founded by Nancy Schulz and had its first outing in May with seven volunteers. GRIT enjoys the support of the Department of Public Works, the Police Department, Montpelier Alive, and MSAC.

Typically, GRIT members identify places in the downtown that have been vandalized and need to be cleaned up. GRIT members scrape off stickers, use wipes treated with solvents, and paint over graffiti. The day and time of outings varies according to the weather.

New volunteers are welcome and you don’t need to commit to regular attendance. You can come just once or as often as you like. The work isn’t physically demanding and requires no prior experience or specific skills. 

For more information, please contact Nancy Schulz:


Drawing Board Before


Drawing Board 8922 After


Utility Box, Oct 13, 2022 before


Utility Box, Oct 13, 2022 after
East State Street Retaining Wall Before
East State Street Retaining Wall After
East State Street Retaining Wall Before 2
East State Street Retaining Wall After 2


Pump Station West Side Before August 19 2022


Pump Station West Side After August 19 2022


Pump Station East Side Before August 19 2022


Pump Station East Side After August 19 2022


Recreation Building Side Door - August 12 2022 Before


Recreation Building Side Door - August 12 2022 After


Recreation Building Side Before August 19 2022


Recreation Building Side After August 19 2022
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Community Corner

Kellogg - Hubbard Library

 Home Delivery

The Kellogg-Hubbard Library offers Home Delivery service to patrons who are housebound and unable to visit the library for a period of two months or longer. You can call (802) 223-3338 or download the Home Delivery Registration Form at Don’t forget: all residents of the towns of Berlin, Calais, East Montpelier, Middlesex, Montpelier, and Worcester are eligible for a free library card at KHL!

Language Lunches

The Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier offers Language Lunches every week in the Hayes Room. These drop-in meetings are open to all.

Italian Language Lunch on Tuesdays 12-1 pm

Spanish Language Lunch on Wednesdays 12-1 pm

French Language Lunch on Thursdays 12-1 pm

For more information about programs at KHL, visit


July Quote of the Month

"I really value your programming and good Instructors. I’d like to take French conversation or Spanish, join the Mahjong or scrabble group, and wish I could have attended Rick Winston’s films at the Savoy. I hope he will continue that. I miss seeing great films."

August Quote of the Month

"ZOOM allows me to participate. As a full-time caregiver for my husband with dementia, I cannot ever attend live classes or events.”

September Quote of the Month

“The classes are great, I would love more educational ones, like Art History, local history, how a car engine works....”

October Quote of the Month

"I’d love to someday have a course, maybe 5 or 6 sessions, in ice skating. It’s been so, so many years since I’ve done it. I’d like to be able to skate with my grandsons and mentee but feel unsure of myself."

November Quote of the Month

“Montpelier is very fortunate to have a worthy Senior Center.  

Many courses are offered to satisfy varied interests.”

December Quote of the Month

“There is great variety and value in the MSAC course offerings. I would like to see the guitar class come back!”