March is National Meals on Wheels Awareness Month
FEAST is celebrating with a March for Meals!

March is National Meals on Wheels Awareness Month! FEAST is busy raising Awareness about our programming to ensure that we are serving all older adults who need access to healthy, delicious meals.

This month, MSAC is focused on raising more funds to support Montpelier's essential FEAST Senior Meals Program through our MARCH FOR MEALS campaign. At FEAST, our big goal right now is to raise greater local awareness of our programs so we are shifting their names a bit to clarify what we offer, which is: Meals on Wheels (formerly FEAST at Home) and Curbside Meal Pickup (formerly FEAST To Go).

We already serve 100 seniors each week, but we know that there have to be more older adults in Montpelier and the surrounding towns who would benefit from and enjoy FEAST's delicious meals. We are, therefore, asking you to help us spread the word: if you know of anyone over the age of 60 who is homebound, living on a fixed income, and needs access to nutritious, delicious food, have them call our office to sign up for our FEAST Meals on Wheels program. If you know anyone who would like regular access to delicious Curbside Meals for pickup, they are available at no charge to seniors over 60 (donations appreciated) and are just $7-$10 for anyone under 60. Call to register and we'll see you on Tuesdays and Fridays at our side door between 12-12:30 pm.

Thanks for helping raise awareness about our essential FEAST Senior Meals Program! Call us at 262-6288 

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SAVE THE DATE: Family-Style Curbside Meal Pickup
Thursday, March 25th | 5:00 - 6:30 pm | Reservations required
Need a break from cooking? Hungry for something delicious? Looking for a meal to give to someone else? Then don't miss out on this easy, yummy way to support MSAC's FEAST Senior Meals Program! Reserve your meal for pick-up between 5:00 and 6:30 pm on Thursday, March 25th at the side door of MSAC: 58 Barre St, Montpelier. Cost: $10 per person or $35 for family size (serves up to four) Menu: Delicious Lasagna, Salad and Dessert lovingly prepared by local professional Chef Andre Burnier. Vegetarian and gluten-free options available upon request. Reserve a meal for you, your family, or a neighbor-in-need! Purchase your meal by visiting: https://www.montpelier-vt.org/1224/March-for-Meals or call (802) 262-6288.



Montpelier Senior Activity Center’s
 FEAST Senior Meals Program

FEAST offers delicious, nutritious, affordable & accessible meals to seniors 60+ in the City of Montpelier and beyond with:

Meals on Wheels                                             Curbside Meal Pickup
for seniors 60+                                                   for seniors 60+
~ Weekly deliveries of delicious,                        ~ Tuesdays & Fridays 12-12:30pm
nutritious & reheatable meals                                delicious, nutritious, hot meals
delivered to your door                                             available for pickup - see menu below
~ For Montpelier & Berlin residents                    ~ For residents of any town!
~ Call to sign up                                                 ~ Call for reservations

FEAST Senior Meals are both offered at no charge to seniors 60+

Donations gladly accepted: Suggested donation $5-$10

Curbside Meals are available to anyone under 60 for $7-$10

Call the FEAST Office: 802-262-6288

FEAST also offers: 

  • Senior nutrition education – workshops and resources for FEAST recipients & greater community offered online/phone/in-person to encourage thriving health
  • Meals Together – When it’s safe to do so again, we’ll resume in-person meals at MSAC in our community room at 58 Barre St.
  • Social Engagement Activities:
    • Outdoor gatherings as weather permits
    • Online presentations, performances & artistic events
    • COVID-Safe Volunteer opportunities
    • Regular phone calls for wellness checks
    • Announcements about other MSAC and community programs & resources

Learn more about our FEAST program, this week's Curbside menu and FEAST Meals on Wheels by scrolling down!

Washington County Community Meals
This month's FEAST menu
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Menu for the Curbside Meals 

Tuesday, March 2: Chicken Pot Pie, Rutabaga and Winter Vegetables, Rice, & Dessert.

Friday, March 5: Beef and Vegetarian Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Broccoli, & Dessert.

Vegetarian and other dietary restrictions are available by request!

To see the full month menu, click the button above!

About the Program

The FEAST senior nutrition program for older adults provides healthy, delicious meals to the community. Come and get a Curbside Pickup Meal, or enjoy Meals on Wheels delivered to your home. We serve approximately 18,000 meals each year.

FEAST Meals on Wheels

MSAC's FEAST Senior Meals Program is proud to offer Meals on Wheels to seniors 60+ in Montpelier and Berlin. Do you have an older adult in your life who needs more access to delicious, healthy food? Do you know someone who is struggling to get food on the table or eat more nutritionally? Let us know because we can help! Our program offers regular nutrition education, socially distant engagement AND delicious, nutritious meals. Eligibility is simply for anyone over the age of 60; there is no charge, but donations are gladly accepted. Call us at the FEAST office to connect to our robust Meals on Wheels program: 262-6288. 

Note: during the pandemic, eligibility rules are loosened and meal delivery is currently not daily but weekly.

FEAST Curbside Meal Pickup

Looking for a quick, affordable, delicious meal for lunch in Montpelier? Consider FEAST Curbside Meal Pickup available at our side door!

Curbside meals are offered to seniors 60+ from anywhere (not just Montpelier residents) twice weekly. Call to register and simply drive up to the side door of MSAC on Tuesdays and Fridays between 12-12:30pm to receive a delicious, hot takeout meal. If you are new to the program, you will be asked to fill out a short nutritional survey. You can see our monthly menu on our website. For adults 60 and over we offer meals for a suggested donation of $5-10. For those under 60, meals cost $7.  Please call to make your reservation: 262-6288 

FEAST Together

When we re-open again following the pandemic, our community meals will again be available on Tuesdays and Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. For adults 60 and over we offer meals for a suggested donation of $5-10. For those under 60, meals cost $7.

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Additional Information

For more information, please visit our  FEAST Facebook page.