Upcoming Menu for the Curbside Meals 

Thank you to Chef Shalonda, Assistant Robbie, and volunteers in the FEAST kitchen for preparing these delicious meals!

FEAST Menu - January 2023

Vegetarian and other dietary restrictions are available by request! Call 262-6288.

For questions about curbside pickup, please contact FEAST: 262-6288 | feast@montpelier-vt.org. Or message us on Facebook: @montpeliersenioractivitycenter.

This month's FEAST Curbside Pickup menu

FEAST Senior Meals Program at Montpelier Senior Activity Center

Scroll below photos for information about FEAST! 

  1. Eligibility & Sign-ups
  2. About FEAST
  3. Suggested Donations and Fees
  4. What else does FEAST offer?
  5. Volunteering
Meals on Wheels
Curbside Meals Pickup
for seniors 60+
for seniors 60+
- weekly deliveries of delicious,
nutritious, hot meals
- Tuesdays & Fridays
- delivered to your door - available for pickup
- for Montpelier & Berlin residents - for residents of any town!
- Call to sign-up - call for reservations
  1. Resources, Events & Partners
  2. Testimonials
  3. Recipes from the Kitchen
  4. Facebook & our E-letter!

Click here to visit our curated list of wonderful resources and partners. 

Click here to learn more about MSAC's Classes and Drop-in Groups. 

Click here to read about the latest Special Events offered by MSAC and the City

Click here to read recent Community Announcements, including events offered by our partners like Central VT Council on Aging, Kellogg-Hubbard Library and more!

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