FEAST Senior Meals Program

Montpelier's City-Run Meals on Wheels Program.

Providing nutrition to Montpelier's older adults for over a decade.

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FEAST Senior Meals is a Meals on Wheels program for the Montpelier and Northern Berlin Vermont community. We serve over 350 meals per week, and we work with the City of Montpelier's FEAST Farm to fortify our meals with fresh, farm-grown produce during the summer and fall months. We believe in the Root to Fork model and hope to build upon that idea in the years to come.

Important News!

FEAST Curbside pickup has officially ended on April 25th, 2023. We will now host congregate meals weekly on Thursdays at noon. Please RSVP for those Thursday meals, and if you have any questions, please contact FEAST Manager Poa: 802-262-6288 or emutino@montpelier-vt.org

Questions? Check out our FEAST Senior Meals FAQs document.

FEAST Senior Meals

Montpelier's Meals on Wheels Program

Vegetarian and other dietary restrictions are available by request! Call: 262-6288.

For questions about curbside pickup, please contact FEAST: 262-6288  | feast@montpelier-vt.org. Or message us on Facebook: @FEASTSeniorMeals.