Montpelier Senior Activity Center Advisory Council

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MSAC Governance Policies & Procedures

Advisory Council Election Season Begins

Are you an MSAC member who would like to help determine how the Center operates? This is your chance!  The MSAC Advisory Council (AC) meets every other month with the MSAC Director to learn about new resources and opportunities and offer advice on how to address challenges that arise. Despite the pandemic, the AC has continued to meet, though mostly online. The beat goes on. Please consider joining this congenial, productive group. You can learn about AC expectations from the Governance Policies and Procedures or by asking MSAC to send it to you. If you would like to talk to an AC member about how the Council works, please contact the office. The March newsletter has two items about the Advisory Council starting on p. 1 and 3. 

Next Meeting Date, Time, Location, Agenda & Minutes:  

Tuesday, May 10, 1:00-2:30pm  


1:00pm Call to Order
Roll call of present and missing members
Confirm quorum for voting and identify votes at the start of the meeting
Review and vote on minutes from previous meeting (March 15)
Review agenda for any needed additions
Introduce potential AC candidate

1:10pm Director’s Update (staffing, March for Meals, fundraising, strategic planning, etc)

1:45pm Programming Committee report

1:55pm Pricing for MSAC dues/classes (strategy for revising)

2:10pm Accreditation Process update

2:15pm  Annual Meeting  (date, format, etc.)

2:30pm  Date and agenda items for next AC meeting 

2:35  Adjourn

If attending remotely, to request link/number, contact 802-223-2518 or 

  1. Members of Advisory Council
  2. Recent Meeting Agendas & Minutes
  3. Committees

FY22 Members

  • Renea Bordeau
  • Mary Carlson
  • Barbara Dall
  • Mariah Lane
  • Dianne Maccario, Chair
  • Laura Morse
  • Jean Olson
  • Suzanne Swanson, Vice Chair
  • Rick Winston

Members are elected to three year terms and elections occur each spring, with nominations due in late Winter. Refer to Governance Policies & Procedures for more information. 

Thank you to outgoing FY21 members: Bob Barrett, Mary Alice Bisbee, Bill Doelger and Robert Youngberg!