Community Advisory Board (MCJC)

About the Board

The Community Advisory Board gives community input in setting goals, priorities, and policies for the Montpelier Community Justice Center (MCJC).  

The Montpelier Community Justice Center promotes the well-being of community through the application of restorative principles and practices. The Community Advisory Board's role is to represent the voice of the community in strategic planning and goal setting. It supports the MCJC Director in problem solving around achieving goals, especially those that are impeded by external forces. The Board does not have decision making authority, but rather serves in an advisory role. Board members also serve as ambassadors for the MCJC in the community and promote the growth of restorative justice and restorative practices. 


Meetings are held in January, April, July and October and are open to the public. Please call 802-223-9606 to confirm meeting time and place.

Board Member

  • June Bascom
  • Townes deGroot
  • Jody Emerson
  • Brian Peete
  • John Gorczyk (Ex-officio)
  • Andrew Hathaway
  • Cameron Niedermayer
  • Dona Bate
  • Cindy Senning
  • Melanie Smit
  • Sarika Tandon
  • Connie Weems

  • Steve Reynes
  • Connie Weems