Conservation Commission

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About the Commission

The Conservation Commission's duties are to carry out the goal of the City Master Plan to "preserve, enhance, and maintain the natural; the integration of built and natural settings; the special areas; and the high level of environmental quality which make Montpelier unique" and to inventory and advise the Planning Commission, the Development Review Board, and the City Council concerning the protection of natural features and environmental quality.


The Montpelier Conservation Commission (MCC) seeks to strengthen the relationship between people and nature in order to involve residents in the protection and enhancement of the City’s natural environment. The Commission is charged with advising the Planning Commission, City Council, and other city officials on issues concerning Montpelier’s natural resources.


The Conservation Commission consists of 9 regular and 2 alternate members appointed by the City Council for terms ranging from 1 to 4 years. Members include:

  • Rose Luzader, Chair
  • Stephanie Hunt
  • Michael Lazorchak
  • Jennifer Leigh Brown
  • Paul Marangelo
  • Sienna Tuinei (alternative)
  • Nolan Carver
  • Linsay Chozinska
  • Madeline Cotter
  • Alec Ellsworth (staff representative) 

The Conservation Commission would like to recognize Roy Schiff as an ‘emeritus’ member, in acknowledgment of his contributions through the years.