Design Review Committee


The Design Review Committee meets on the first and third Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. Periodically the meeting date and location have to change due to conflicting meetings and holidays, etc. To see the upcoming draft 2020 schedule click here.  The Committee usually meets in the Council Chambers (although the location is subject to change), and the meetings are later broadcast on ORCA channel 17. All meeting rooms and facilities in City Hall are accessible to persons with disabilities, including headphones in the Council Chambers for persons with hearing impairments. For evening meetings, the rear entrance to the building should be used.

Members are urged to let staff know as early as possible if they will be unable to attend a scheduled meeting so arrangements can be made to ensure a quorum.


The Design Review Committee consists of up to 5 members and 2 alternates having knowledge and interest in design, architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, historic preservation, archaeology, or the historic development of the community. Appointments are made by the City Council for 3 year terms. To apply to serve on this committee see here.

  • Stephen Everett, Chair
    Term expires: 9/15/2020
  • Eric Gilbertson, Vice Chair
    Term expires: 9/15/2020
  • Vacant 

  • Martha Smyrski
    Term expires: 9/26/2021
  • Hannah Smith
    Term expires: 4/11/2021
  • Liz Pritchett, Alternate
    Term expires: 9/26/2021
  • Vacant, Alternate

About the Committee

The Design Review Committee's role is to advise the Development Review Board on matters concerning exterior alterations to land or properties in the Design Control District. See Design Review Committee Rules of Procedure here.

No structure, sign, fence, or landscaping in the Design Control District may be erected, reconstructed, substantially altered, restored, moved, demolished, or changed in use or type of occupancy without review of the plans by the Design Review Committee, and approval of the plans by the Development Review Board.

The Committee is also available to applicants and citizens for design consultations well in advance of the actual submission of an application. Such early discussions with the Committee are encouraged and may provide new ideas, ensure compliance with the Design Review criteria, and save time and money before more formal steps are taken.
City of Montpelier design control district map
The Design Control Overlay District consists of areas within the Central Business Districts, the Capitol Complex area, the Memorial Drive gateway, Vermont College of Fine Arts and CCV campuses, office park districts, and other designated areas where historic preservation and design considerations need to be considered. The Design review criteria are found in Section 305 of the Montpelier Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, and guidance is provided by the Cityscape I and II workbooks.