Events & Trainings

The MCJC sponsors special events that highlight the work of local and national/international restorative justice practitioners.

 "[this] workshop was probably the most valuable workshop I have ever attended (and at age 56, I've been to quite a few)."

The MCJC offers its services to manage potential or actual public conflicts by designing processes to disseminate accurate, unbiased information, and by offering neutral facilitation of structured dialogue.
Dominic Barter at the Restorative Justice Practice from Brazil to Vermont
The MCJC trains and supervises volunteer service providers in conferencing, mediation, and Restorative Justice Panel processes. The MCJC offers specific training for volunteers, delivers conflict resolution training for a variety of audiences, and organizes presentations for the community on topics related to crime and conflict. There are no trainings scheduled at this time.

Past Trainings