Parks Commission


The five members of the Montpelier Parks Commission are your voice in the city's parks. We guide park policy, hold monthly meetings open to the public, and help set the agenda for the work of the Montpelier Parks Department. Since we are the governing body for Montpelier's parks, this page includes information relevant to how the parks are managed. More specific information about the parks, themselves, and their use can be found on the Parks and Trees page.

Each Parks Commissioner is elected at Town Meeting Day and serves a staggered five-year term. 


  • Kassia Randzio, Chair
     (Term expires 2024)
  • Stephanie Hunt
     (Term Expires 2025)
  • Lincoln Frasca
     (Term expires 2026)
  • Emily Donaldson
     (Term expires 2027)
  • Andrew Brewer  (Term expires 2027)

Supporting Documents for Recent Meetings