Dogs in the Park Subcommittee

Over the years, volunteers and friends groups have played a key role in helping to make sure both people and dogs get the most enjoyment out of Montpelier's parks. The Communication Subcommittee no longer exists, but...

We are currently seeking volunteers to lead a new Dogs in the Park group that will help maintain dog way stations, organize clean ups and advocate for dogs in our parks. We are lucky some of our parks allow dogs to run freely, off leash, through the woods and fields, and it takes an ongoing commitment to make this possible. If you are part of the Montpelier community and you value this privilege, help us work to keep it that way! Email Parks Director Alec Ellsworth if you are interested.

The Dog Policy and Communication Subcommittee, together with a Friends of Dogs group, was responsible for creating the Canine Codes of Conduct for Montpelier's parks in 2013.