Site Zoning History

Montpelier 1st adopted Zoning in the 1940s. Available records of subsequent actions to amend the ordinance are incomplete through the 1980s. Below is a summary of information found to date that provides some background to the area's present zoning:

1947 Zoning Map

The City of Montpelier 1947 Zoning Map shows this area zoned Residential and Industrial. The stream on the map, shown as Sabin's Brook (now known as Blanchard Brook), was the approximate western boundary of the Industrial District. This is also the point at which the Montpelier and Wells River R.R. crossed Barre Street. The northern boundary was measured 750 feet from centerline of Barre Street at the western edge and 750 feet from the railroad right-of-way at the eastern edge. One might assume that the industrial district boundaries were planned as such to accommodate development due to the existence of the rail line [Map #1].

1970 Zoning Map
A proposed 1970 zoning map shows this property zoned as Medium Residential Density, though no records were found to indicate if the proposed amendment was officially adopted.
A 1973 proposed Zoning Map shows the triangular piece of land which straddles the Vermont College property and Zorzi property zoned General Business as it exists today. The remainder of the property was zoned Low Density Residential and Medium Density Residential [Map #2].

Amended 1982 Zoning Map

A Zoning Map amended through 1982 shows a trapezoidal piece of land bordering on the northern edge of the General Business District. A copy of the public hearing notice advertising the zoning map amendment or other records relating to its official adoption have not yet been located [Map #3].

Zoning Amendments
In 1986 Angeles Zorzi made a request in writing to the then City Manager, Ryan Cotton, requesting a zoning map amendment (as outlined in the letter dated November 26, 1986). This request was heard by the Planning Commission and the City Council on August 12, 1987, and August 26, 1987. As reflected in the minutes, Mayor Rice expressed concern "because of the topography of the area any development would be seen from many portions of the City and would have a potential for unsightly development." Then Planning Director David G. White disagreed and said that this was "1 to the only sizeable sites in town that had the potential for commercial development."

At the 2nd reading of the zoning amendment the City Council accepted the Planning Commission recommendation to re-zone the easterly portion, approximately 31 acres, from medium and low density to medium density residential. The remaining 67 acres would be reconsidered 2 months from this date.

Re-zoning Project

The re-zoning of approximately 67 acres of the Zorzi property from General Business, Low Density, and Medium Density Residential to General Business was continued to October 28, 1987 when an Office Park designation was discussed, but due to the restrictive nature of the newly created district "Office Park" designation (commercial development, excluding most residential development), it was found not to be a desirable solution to the original request for re-zoning to General Business. The City Council voted to reject the Planning Commission recommendation as written, leaving the Sabin's Pasture area with a small triangle of LDR surrounded by MDR and GB.