Montpelier in Motion

One of the hallmarks of a thriving, livable community is a network of streets that are on a human scale and enable safe access for pedestrian and bicycle transit. Realizing the importance of creating a high-quality pedestrian and bicycle network for Montpelier, the 2012-13 City Council has set the goal of becoming a nationally recognized bike and pedestrian friendly city.

Montpelier residents agree-in a 2004 study conducted in the city, 75% of the 1000+ respondents said that safe bicycle transportation should be provided on major travel routes. However, in the last century, the engineering of streets has focused on the needs of automobile, much to the detriment of pedestrian and bicycle transit. The city has made noticeable progress over the last several years to provide facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists through measures such as sidewalk extensions and traffic calming. However, a considerable portion of the street network is still not very safe for bicycling, including major arteries such as Elm Street / VT Route 12, U.S. Route 302, and U.S. Route 2.

Montpelier in Motion Master Plan
The Montpelier in Motion bicycle and pedestrian master plan addresses these issues by establishing an inventory of bicycle and pedestrian facilities and recommending improvements and prioritizing potential projects, including facilities for novice cyclists, overnight protected parking, and connectivity to schools.

Montpelier In Motion Plan July, 31 2015
Montpelier in Motion Work Group Agendas