Mayor's Letter

The following is excerpted from: Ice and Water: The Flood of 1992 - Montpelier, Vermont, Copyright  1992 "Ice and Water" Committee.

Dear Reader:

On the Morning of March 11, 1992, the city of Montpelier, capital of the state of Vermont, was inundated by flood waters from the ice-clogged Winooski River. Within one hour, the entire downtown was covered by several feet of muddy water. As the water rose, local and state emergency management personnel swung into action. On that day and during the weeks that followed, they worked around the clock to protect the lives and the property of the people of Montpelier. We can never thank enough all the professional men and women who came to our aid an that day. It is our hope that this book will partially tell their story.
A backhoe works to break up the ice jam at the Bailey Avenue Bridge
This book will also tell the story of the people of Montpelier and the hundreds, if not thousands, of ordinary people who came to their aid. As the waters receded on the evening of March 11, the people of Montpelier began the serious business of rebuilding their community. Offers of help, both financial and volunteer, poured into the city. Once again, we can never begin to thank -- we will probably never even know -- all those who helped us. That the city was open for business as usual within two weeks is a testimony to the success of their efforts.

For those of us who lived through it, the events of March 11 and the days that followed were and experience we will never forget. For myself, at least, they proved that even in the face of terrible adversity, people working together can still accomplish miracles. I hope that this book will help you understand what we did and how we felt during that time. Most of all, I hope you will enjoy it.

Ann E. Cummings, Mayor
June, 1992