An image of the crossover area of US Route 302 and Route 2
Objectives for Improving the Intersection
  • Reduce the number of accidents that occur due to the current conditions
  • Provide a safe access to adjoining parcels / businesses
  • Reduce the amount of congestion and delays for all users
  • Enhance safe bicycle and pedestrian access in and around the intersection
  • Incorporate planned transportation projects and potential development projects
  • Provide bus, truck and freight movements
  • Create an aesthetically pleasing, functional, low maintenance streetscape consistent with the City's gateway goals
Project Alternatives
After holding both local and regional concerns meetings, an exhaustive list of alternatives was developed and examined by a study committee comprised of the City, Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC) and adjacent landowner representatives. Due to the large number of commercial and residential driveways in close proximity to the intersection, special consideration was taken as part of the design improvement alternatives. Once a list of alternatives was created the committee then decided on the 3 most feasible alternatives.

Project Impacts
Public notices will be provided regarding such items as detours and anticipated hours of construction as the different phases of the traffic control plan are implemented during construction. Once impacts on adjacent properties have been identified, Lamoureux and Dickinson will be contacting each property owner to discuss the project with them individually.

Helpful Links

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