Support MSAC For Our 2023 Appeal

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To all members of MSAC and the public,

Your commitment to our organization in the past year cannot be understated. With your support, we've been able to weather the storm of flood recovery, leadership changes, and the ongoing challenges stemming from COVID-19. You've supported us with your donations, your thoughtful comments, and your activism. Seeing so many of you attend the city council meeting last month to support our membership was overwhelming, and we're thankful to the city leadership and city council for getting us on the agenda!

Despite all that support, we're still in need of your help... We've set our 2023 Appeal Goal for $50,000! 

Your support now is critical to our resurgence as a senior center. If we can achieve and exceed our goal of $50,000, we will be able to host more classes, find new program space, book more trips, and procure more supplies to put on bigger and better events and programs. Right now, our Programs Committee and staff are busy working on ideas for promoting more instructors to teach here, finding larger spaces, and scheduling new classes. We've reached out to dozens of instructors for new ideas on classes and workshops in the coming semesters. 

We've reviewed space at the Capital City Grange, Country Club Road Property, Hubbard Park, and Green Mountain Community Fitness, among others, for new programs. Your support will help us be able to attract talented instructors and rent larger class spaces. We envision MSAC thriving as it had before the pandemic with twice-weekly congregate lunches, classes filling up every room each day of the week, creating space for high-quality events and speakers to come visit, and hosting programs that cater to all needs and wants of older adults in our Montpelier community. 

If you can donate $25 today...

You can help us return to those days We know this year has been hard on all of us. We appreciate any support you can give this holiday season, even if it is sharing our appeal with friends and family.