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2022-23 Winter Class Updates (Registration Opens on Monday, December 12th)

Check out our latest offerings below and join in! Please see the online registration form link below to get started now. You can also download the form, fill it out online, and drop it by the office anytime (Use the side entrance drop-box)Or just give our office a call at 802-223-2518! 

About MSAC Classes

We have dozens of weekly class series happening in-person at MSAC and online (Zoom, phone option also available), with many available "hybrid" -- both in-person and online. Two thirds are movement classes; the remainder are in the Arts, Humanities, Writing and Cooking. Most classes are also open to people under age 50, and are all open to people who live in any town in or out of state. 

Please contact us at if you have questions or need help to enroll. If you’re running into any problems with the online system related to fees or membership, just let us know. 

Winter Class Registration Ends Soon!

Sign up before Friday, December 23rd.

Come Join These Classes Facebook Post (Instagram Post (Square))

Have you ever wished to graceful on your feet? To find a fun way to exercise? Or just get healthier in 2023? The Montpelier Senior Activity Center is in the middle of Winter 2022-23 Class Registration, and we've got new classes that will get you up on your feet.

We've got...

- Diabetes Prevention

- Salsa Dancing

- Strength Training Through Resistance Bands

- Bone Builders

- Line Dancing

- English Country Dancing

...And more dancing and exercise classes!

Sign up now:

** All class information and registration forms are on the website. **

Class Documents

Copies of above documents are provided in our side entrance at 58 Barre Street. You can also print your own copies at home or call us if you need one mailed. 

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What Types of Classes Do We Offer?

Active Living and Wellness: Our classes can help you stay fit and active! Consider one of our yoga classes, ranging in difficulty to suit every need. Get your body moving in our popular Pilates classes. Strengthen your muscles in our Bone Builders classes or practice the ancient art of Tai Chi. Our movement instructors are experts in their fields.
Performing, Culinary and Fine Arts: Get in touch with your inner Picasso. Learn to cook for taste and health. Play a new instrument. Build something out of clay! With our performing, culinary and fine arts courses our instructors will teach you the basics and then let you go wild.
Humanities and Arts: Learn to use the computer or get a handle on your finances. What exactly goes into composing a film score? We bring in topic experts to teach you all the nitty gritty details.

Drop in Groups:  Our drop-in offerings include in-person and online options. Most meet weekly and are free; some accept donations. Current groups include many related to writing, music, books, discussions, table-top games, crafting, walking and more! Maybe you have an idea for a new Drop-in group you'd like to facilitate/organize, or know someone who can! . 

Private classes by some of our instructors: While we continue through the next phase of the pandemic, some of our talented instructors are offering remote classes independently / privately, and we are pleased to provide this list that gets updated periodically. Click here. Please support them while keeping yourself engaged and active! Some instructors will continue teaching privately (only), and some will be doing a combination of MSAC and private classes. Ask us if you are confused about any particular teacher!

Download the MSAC Newsletter & Program Guide for a comprehensive look at MSAC's classes and programming options.

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Do you wantTai Chi image to keep your mind and body sharp? Our core program is our outstanding and diverse offerings of dozens of weekly classes (about half our usual amount during the pandemic), including classes in movement, the humanities, and the arts.

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There are four ways to sign up for classes

1) Print a registration form, fill it out, and drop it off in our lockbox in the side entrance. 

2) Mail your completed registration form to 58 Barre Street 

3) Register online, call 223-2518 or email if you need a user-id and password. 

4.) Stop by during our business hours to register in person.  

MSAC Membership gives you the lowest rates on all classes! Most classes are open to the public and city employees, but non-members pay higher rates!

Current COVID guidelines affecting MSAC operations can be read here and will be updated when they change.  

If you need help with Zoom, please click here for some helpful information or attend one of our trainings in a future month or check out Technology for Tomorrow online classes. If you’d like more help, contact us so we can assist you. Or let us know if you need help for other technology questions, as we have a high school volunteer doing one-on-one tutoring.

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Kn95 mask - markus-winkler-Gm5d3JVmCW0-unsplashWe encourage everyone to get vaccinated and boostered and to wear a mask indoors at MSAC.