Planning is responsible for both the creation of plans as well as the development of the programs and projects that will implement those plans. Some examples of planning efforts include the City's Comprehensive Plan, Capital District Master Plan, Economic Development Strategic Plan, Montpelier in Motion bicycle and pedestrian plan, and Green Americas Capitals plan. Copies of these and other plans can be found in the planning documents section of this website. 

Public input and engagement is critical to the successful development of any plan. The planning division strives to hear every voice that could be affected by a plan and to provide a voice to those who do not have one. The City commits to an open planning process that provides multiple opportunities and venues for participation to ensure as many viewpoints as possible are represented.

These public input objectives apply to the development of implementation tools as well. To transform plans into reality, the planning division drafts regulations such as buildings and zoning regulations, as well as developing programs like the first time home buyer program, tax stabilization, and grant writing. Finally, planning sets the table for larger special projects by completing conceptual studies, preparing projects for implementation through grant writing, permitting, and other preparation steps like developing construction documents.

More information on permits, community development programs, and special projects are found on the links in the sidebar.