Do I need a Permit?

One of the most common ways to implement a plan in the country is through the use of regulations like zoning and building codes. They are important local powers, enabled under state law and our City Charter, to protect the health, safety and welfare of Montpelier residents and visitors.

For many, local zoning bylaws are long and confusing documents. For that reason the permits division has as our mission to be a guide for applicants. Staff will help with the basics (what district am I in?), inform applicants of their rights (can I put an office above my garage?), instruct applicants of the requirements (do I need to provide a site plan with the application?) and navigate the process to make sure applicants stay in compliance with the requirements of the regulations.

Our goal is also to make the process as efficient as possible. As such, most administrative permits are issued within one business day of when a complete application is received. We continually look for ways to minimize delays in any application that requires a hearing. While we may not be able to make the experience for getting a permit fun, we do hope to make it less stressful.

We strongly encourage anyone interested in developing a project in the city to contact the Department before starting. Staff can determine if the work requires a permit and, if so, how to move forward to avoid delays later on.

Below are links to each of the permit types that the Planning Department administers including downloadable application forms.   

  1. Planning & Community Development

    Physical Address
    39 Main Street
    Montpelier, VT 05602

    Fax: 802-262-6080

  2. Audra Brown, CFM

    Planning and Zoning Assistant

  3. Meredith Strobridge Crandall

    Zoning Administrator

  4. Michelle Savary

    Building Inspector