Peace Park

Peace Park Volunteering - July 15 2022

Would you like to volunteer at the Peace Park?

The Peace Park is in the process of renovating, and we want your help. We're looking for individuals who are capable of doing garden work, such as weeding, removing invasive plants, and landscaping. 

You will be helping out the Parks Department and MYCC crew members on their work days, and you can learn more about the Peace Park while ensuring its sustainability for generations to come.

Contact our Parks Director, Alec, at to learn more about volunteer days. 

About the Park

Peace Park is just off the bike path west of Montpelier High School, at a point where the path veers slightly away from the Winooski River. This park offers a quiet and wonderful spot to enjoy and access the river on foot, and it is a beautiful place for a picnic. It has picnic tables, several benches and a peace mosaic. The lovely flowers are maintained by volunteers. (The map below is adapted from Google Maps.)

Peace Park came into being thanks to the vision and initiative of the local group, Women's International League of Peace and Freedom (WILPF). After WILPF approached the City Council with their idea for this park, they worked together with city staff to identify a good location, then raised the money and volunteers to build Peace Park. The park was built mostly with generous donations of money, time, materials, and labor by WILPF, with some support from park staff. City taxpayers have provided some yearly support for materials ($500 a year) such as planting supplies, replacement benches, picnic tables, and mulch. WILPF continues to do a majority of the work at this park, but park staff and volunteers occasionally pitch in when needed. The Recreation department mows the park and other spots along the bike path on their way to mow the Dog River ball fields.

Contact us if you enjoy gardening, woodworking or would like to help with the Peace Park in any way!

Find where the Peace Park is located on the map and see photos of the Peace Park in the slideshow below.

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