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2017 Forensic Study of 55 Barre Street Property and Feasibility Study for Expanded Indoor Recreation in Montpelier

The City of Montpelier is seeking proposals from qualified professional planning and recreation design consulting firms for two studies.

First, Pursuant to § 319 of the Montpelier City Charter (“Charter”),  the City of Montpelier is seeking to determine the structural and environmental condition of the city-owned recreational facility located at 55 Barre Street, Montpelier, VT and commonly known as the Montpelier Recreation Building (the “Property”).  The City is seeking a comprehensive forensic evaluation of the structure, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, water materials, remediation, environmental issues, and budget estimates for corrective work. The review will determine the building’s suitability to continue to meet its public recreational mission.

Second, to produce a feasibility study for expanded indoor recreation facilities to service the health, safety, recreation, and competition needs of the residents of and visitors to Montpelier and surrounding communities. Additional questions include whether these facilities should arise through renovation of existing facilities, new construction, or a combination; and how this new or redeveloped facility [or facilities] can ease current pressures on the City’s older adult and community services. 

Request for Proposals

Deadline for Proposals: 4:00 PM on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Supporting Documents:

2016 Recreation Building Redevelopment

The City of Montpelier, VT is exploring the potential sale and redevelopment of the real property owned by the City located at 55 Barre Street, Montpelier, VT and commonly known as the Montpelier Recreation Building.  The Property includes a .30 acre parcel in Montpelier’s vibrant downtown, is a one to two story armory building that was built in 1932, containing approximately 8,422 square feet, and is connected to municipal water and sewer.  The City is considering selling the Property to be used as an economic development opportunity in the core downtown.  

Request for Proposals

RFP Questions and Answers

Deadline for Proposals:  4:00 PM on Friday, April 15, 2016

Supporting Documents Related to 55 Barre Street:

If you have questions please contact Jessie Baker, Assistant City Manager, at 

Project Overview

Effective July 1, 2016 the City will take over management of the Recreation Department.  Historically, the Recreation Department has been administered by the School Department.  As part of this transition we are exploring and learning about all aspects of Recreation service delivery - including the facilities.  Additionally, this transition is part of a long-term goal of providing integrated multi-generational community services.  Currently the City has a Parks Director and Department, a Recreation Director and Department, and a Senior Center Director and Department.  Each of these departments does programming and facility maintenance.  It is our belief that better services could be provided to Montpelier residents if these departments were combined. 

The Recreation Department building at 55 Barre Street presents a number of challenges.  Per our recent Capital Needs Assessment, the building needs about $500,000 of preventative maintenance work done including accessibility features.  Additionally, as we move toward an integrate community services department, this building does not have long-term potential as there is not enough space for other types of programming that doesn’t need a gymnasium. 

We are exploring the possibility of selling the building in order to house a new economic development project in our community.  If sold, this would add to the grand list by bringing this property back on to the tax rolls, add to the downtown vibrancy, and provide us assets which we could then use toward a long-term facility for a multi-generational community services department.  However, no definitive decision has been made yet to sell the building and therefore there is no gym closure date.  If we identify new assets to build a new facility, the discussions of location, design, and cost will need to be a broader community discussion and based on available funding and need. 

The challenge is what to do in the interim.  If we receive a/or multiple proposals for sale, we will need to weigh these challenges against that sale opportunity. 

We believe that some if not most of the programming currently offered at the Recreation Department gym can be relocated to school buildings.  In fact, most of the Recreation programming currently happens in the School buildings and we have built into our agreement with the School the possibility of increased programming housed there.  However, there are likely to be some programs that are lost in the interim - especially those programs that happen during the school day.  We will be considering this closely if there is a viable proposal for sale. 

The Recreation Department provides important services and opportunities for physical activity and community to Montpelier residents.  Our hope is to find the best way to provide these to the most individuals for the long-term as well as supporting our vibrant downtown community.