Purchasing Property

Questions regarding homes, purchasing property, etc.?

Many resources are available on the Assessor’s page. These include Property “Record Cards” for all properties in the city, property sales lists, Grand Lists, parcel maps, and information about Assessment appeals.

Marty Lagerstedt is the City Assessor. His Administrative Assistant is Jane Aldrighetti. Their phone numbers are 223-9505 and 223-9504. The office is located in City Hall. The Assessor’s Office is responsible for maintaining current ownership information and establishing fair and equitable values of all real property (taxable and exempt) and taxable personal property in the city. Per Vermont Statutes, the basis of real property assessments is fair market value. The Grand List Book is a listing of just over 2,900 real estate parcels and 500 business personal property accounts. It is prepared as of April 1st of each year and filed with the City Clerk in mid-June.


It is the policy of the Assessor’s Office to conduct interior and exterior inspections, where possible, when evaluating a property under review. A thorough inspection is the fairest way to confirm property data and estimate the property’s value. A property review is warranted when significant changes have been made, ownership of a property has recently been transferred, or when data errors are evident. Building and zoning permits, property transfer tax returns, real estate listings, and field observations are used to identify properties in need of review.

The Assessor’s Office provides information to taxpayers, real estate appraisers and brokers, attorneys, and the public. We handle assessment appeals, assist other City departments, annually update the parcel maps, and complete all reports required by the Vermont Department of Taxes.