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Group Permission Form for groups numbering over 100

  1. Parks Graphic
  2. About this form

    The goal of this form is to guide appropriate uses in the parks for large groups. The Parks Commission seeks to minimize impacts and encourage use that fits within the parks mission of protection and enjoyment of wild and natural places. The Park Commission will review the information at its monthly meeting (generally the 3rd Tuesday of each month) and notify the group. Six weeks notice of interest is the minimum for this review process, though 8 is recommended.

  3. Things You Should Know:
    Hubbard Park is a carry in/carry out park. There are NO TRASH facilities inside the park. Signs on posts are allowed. Signs on trees must use strings (no nails please). Please avoid glass bottles as accidental breakage may leave harmful shards. Many children and dogs pass through the shelters every day. Fires in barbecues/fireplaces only. Montpelier Parks are all non-smoking areas.
  4. Which Shelter?*
  5. We allow reservations of 4 hour time slots.
  6. This person/organization takes responsibility to see that the area is undamaged and is left clean after the event.
  7. Will you be charging for this event?*
  8. Parking is very limited inside Hubbard Park. Groups over 100 must have a parking plan and additional arrangements for portolets. All groups are encourage to car pool to limit park traffic.

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