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Shelter Reservation Request

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  2. Please fill out this form to reserve either the New Shelter or the Old Shelter/Stage area. Note that the Old Shelter and Stage come as a unit since they are directly adjacent to one another.  

    A staff member will get back to you in a timely manner to confirm or reschedule your reservation. Your reservation is NOT confirmed until you have received email confirmation of your reservation. If you have not received a response within 2 business days of filling out this form please call the Park Office at (802) 223-7335.

  3. Which Shelter?*

    The Old Shelter/Stage is at the top of the sledding hill. Note that these two structures are rented as a unit since they are adjacent to one another. They cannot be rented separately. The access road to the Old Shelter/Stage is closed in the winter, so access is limited to those who can walk/sled in from the bottom of the sledding hill.

    The New Shelter is near the end of the road in the park close to the park office. 

    Both facilities have a composting outhouse, parking adjacent to the shelter, grills, and a fireplace (Old Shelter) or Fire Pit (New Shelter). Firewood/charcoal is not provided so please bring your own.

  4. We allow reservations in 4 hour time slots. Keep in mind that the park is closed after dark.
  5. For groups of over 100, you must submit a group permission form to the Parks Commission at least 6 weeks prior to the requested date.

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